The head shock system is same as its name unique, special and precious. SATORI launches system by using latest integrated technology inside, antiside play. SATORI had chosen a taper steerer tube, 1.125”~1.5”, as its standard size. The idea is to locate a wider stanchion to prevent side play in any riding condition.


    Most of E-Bike is equipped around 20kg, therefore, a 1.5” bearing is the only size can sustain the whole total weight.


    SATORI believes head shock system is the only solution for E-Bike, City, Trekking and Touring bikes within clean and easy looking.


    UNICORN head shock system only 825g.

    ISO Test

    UNICORN has passed the latest ISO 4210 CITY test.


  • A-HEAD Steerer tube

  • Tapper steerer tube, 1.125”~1.5”

  • Alloy steerer tube and Chormoly stanchion

  • Weight: 825 g

  • Smooth and quick response

  • Shock absorbing

  • 20 & 35mm travel for any on road usage

  • Cooperate with customer blade maker.

  • STEERER  1-1/8” - 1-1/2”
  • TRAVEL  35 mm
  • CROWN RACE O.D  61
  • WEIGHT  825 g


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